Not sure about buying your first motorcycle? Try motorbiking with me, Shawn, first at out of Bonnyville AB.
I'll provide for each learner a modern trail motorbike for a day of Basic-Ride-Training with me for anyone age 8-10 thru 80+. Or if you like I also have for learning use, a standard/sport motorbike, or a dual-purpose motorbike, if you are 16 or older.

PREREQUISITES AND REQUIREMENTS for a day of Basic-Ride-Training are:

  • You can already ride a bicycle.
  • Bring your own mandatory riding gear consisting of sturdy long sleeve shirt or jacket, full length sturdy pants, full fingered gloves (leather is best), boots that cover your ankles, eye-glasses/sunglasses/goggles, and a helmet.
  • Bring your own snack(s), lunch, and refreshments for the day.


A day of Basic-Ride-Training including motorbike use for each learner any day of the week cost is:

  • A One-Learner booking   $190
  • A Two-Learner booking   $280
  • A Family booking (up to 4)   $360

The day of Basic-Ride-Training any day of the week is:  9AM - 3:30PM
 May thru October

TEXT or EMAIL Shawn at either (780)812-5452 or - as Shawn is typically training riders, he will get back to you within 24hrs between 8AM to 6PM Monday thru Saturday.

It's Mid-Week-Motorbiking - save 10% off training for training taken on any Wednesday!!!
It's Mid-Month-Motorbiking - save 10%
off training for training taken on any middle-of-the-month weekend, being the third weekend of any month including either Saturday or Sunday!!!

- What is the class size? 
Typically, one to four learners, and any family bookings with three or more learners can be exclusive. 
Is there a minimum learner's height?
Yes, for the training a learner should be at least approximately 4'8" (1.42 m) in height.
- Where does the riding take place?
All learning riding occurs in 150-acre backyard.  

- Does training/riding occur in the rain?

Yes, if the rain is scattered/intermittent during the training, as we’ll seek temporary refuge in garage whenever necessary which also includes during lightening or thunder. However, If the day before forecast is forecasting a full-day-of-rain, then training would be mutually postponed to when its convenient for you to partake, since without suitable riding gear it’s usually not fun riding in a full-day-of-rain.